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Michael Hart has had a long and successful career in financial services leading teams to oversee more than $7 billion. He has spent nearly three decades working to solve problems and reach goals. He has always been passionate about serving his community and helping his clients, internationally, increase their bottom line.


With the growing awareness toward sustainability changing the corporate landscape, Michael joined echoSPS to marry his passion for improving the environment with his financial and business acumen.


Some of Michael’s large-scale environmental projects have included wind and solar farms in Asia and the Middle East and tire and plastics recycling plants which create energy and TPE (thermoplastic) without a carbon footprint. Michael is also working with key players in the state of California to solve for effective compliance to a state law requiring all jurisdictions to separate organic waste from traditional landfills.


Michael thrives in using his experience to help companies become leaders in reducing their carbon footprint while positively effecting their bottom line, increasing revenue and overall corporate viability.


A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, Michael is a longtime Californian with an affiliation to numerous philanthropic organizations with local and worldwide impact.

Senior Sustainability Advisor
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Edmond Malak’s packaging career started in the early 1990’s designing transportation packaging for the military and the tech industry. As his customer base and reputation for great design evolved, it became imperative for him to expand his knowledge to a full line of packaging equipment, including flexible and rigid packaging.


In 2010, he was approached by Santa Clara County and CalRecycle to act as an advisor to institutional feeding facilities in an effort to reduce waste. This led to a new passion and commitment to understanding the scope of the problem and to educate himself in the core opportunities and technologies available to deal with such a monumental issue. With the proliferation of grab-and-go meals, single serve portions, the convenience economy, and the tremendous amount of organic waste being sent to landfills, he prioritized researching and employing new methods to deal with the sea change within the industry.


Over the past ten years, Edmond has advised clients and reinvented the methods by which they produce and deliver food. From facilities such as California Department of Corrections and Google’s 60 café campus to Meals on Wheels and hundreds of school districts, he has initiated a campaign of impact awareness. A slow, yet steady, change has taken place through the use of more sustainable packaging, the development of organic waste digesters and increasing the shelf life of perishable goods to avoid spoilage.


As Senior Sustainability Advisor at echoSPS, Edmond continues to work with organizations that truly want to be stewards of the environment and allow their decisions to echo through the industry for the long-term good of manufacturers, growers and consumers.

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